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Taliban’s control of Afghanistan raised mixed reactions among Uyghurs

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Taliban’s control of Afghanistan raised mixed reactions among Uyghurs, Uyghur Sheikh urges the Taliban not to align with China.


Tursunjan, Uyghur Times, Sep1, 2021

Taliban's blistering takeover of Afghanistan shocked the governments involved in Afghanistan as well as many others.

The debates among Uyghurs in the diaspora about the Taliban’s stance on China’s treatment of Uyghurs are divided into two groups:

many showed skepticism about the militant group’s claim to be helpful for Muslims around the world but some believed that in the short term, even the Taliban needs China’s assistance in rebuilding Afghanistan’s economy. But in the long run, the Taliban would stand with Uyghurs and take actions against China and China would not be able to control the Taliban easily.


Uyghur scholar and activist Abduweli Ayup wrote, “The Uyghurs are a fortune tree for the Taliban and the Taliban have used and would continue to use the Uyghurs to trade with China to get economic support needed from China.”


Ali Ekber , a religious scholar based in Istanbul, Turkey released a statement in Arabic on Sunday expressing support for the Taliban but asking them not to co-operate with the Chinese government against their Muslim brothers in Islam. “We are your neighbors not the Chinese. We are your brothers in Islam. Don’t ally with China against us, the Chinese don't like Islam”


Abdukadir Yapqan, a prominent Uyghur activist based in Istanbul, Turkey said in a video interview published on social media last Friday that “We thank Allah for helping Muslim Taliban to transform their victory to a country. The Turkistan Islamic Party (East Turkistan Islamic movement) has been standing with the Taliban for the last 25 years during their bad and good times.


China blames the TIP as terrorists just because they stood with the Taliban even if they didn’t fire a bullet against China. In the past, China labeled the Taliban as terrorists. But now China supports and recognizes the Taliban as a legitimate government. What about us? Who are we? According to the Chinese logic, If China recognizes the Taliban as a legitimate organization, China also needs to recognize the legitimacy of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement and needs to get out of our homeland”


Taliban Leaders met the Chinese Foreign Minister Wangyi on July 28 in the Chinese city Tianjin before they took control of the country and promised China not to provide a base for Uyghur groups fighting against China.