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Introduction to the Uyghur Edition of Uyghur Times:Uyghur Aginitliqi

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Introduction to the Uyghur Edition of Uyghur Times 



Uyghur edition of Uyghur Times (www.iuyghur.com) has become the most popular website among Uyghur diaspora with Alexa Rank (126,979)


Uyghur Aginitliqi (ئۇيغۇر ئاگېنىتلىقى):


The Uyghur edition of the Uyghur Times has become the most popular and largest Uyghur content website in the Uyghur diaspora.

Since its launch in 2018, the Uyghur edition has been one of the few sources of information on the Uyghur situation, Chinese policies in the region, and the Uyghur campaigns and international actions in response to Chinese practices and policies targeted Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.


1-The website:

Lately, We have upgraded the website with high security, and fast system, and a user-friendly look. Our technical team is confident that visitors are safe with their data without targeting Chinese hackers using our website.


2-Official background: 

We operate under the flagship United News Network (UNN), a registered non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. The Uyghur Times and Voice of Uyghur are the registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and operate in the United States. We have offices in Takoma, Washington DC, and Zaytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey, with four full-time staff members.




Our slogan for all language channels is the same :

We speak the truth about the Uyghurs. We are the voice of Uyghurs.

We also have used:’’Humanity dies in silence".

In our news coverage, we make every effort to adhere to the basic principles of journalism in our reporting.

We provide a platform for various groups and individuals in the Op-Ed and article sections, as long as they follow the fundamental humanistic values.

However, rather than debates on complicated and controversial Pan-Turkic or Pan-Islamic, or anti-democratic contents, we concentrate on Uyghur-centered ideas, rights, and activities.




We translate, write, and publish news on China, Uyghur human rights, and other topics of interest to Uyghurs.

2)-Uyghur life: 

We cover Uyghur life in exile, including Uyghur movements, social and cultural activities, youth achievements, and positive trends.


We publish articles and essays by elite Uyghur writers and authors who represent the average level of education and mainstream Uyghur viewpoints in the diaspora.

Current affairs, political movements, religion, nationalism, culture and language preservation, Chinese policy, and international relations are among the themes covered in this section.

4)-Collection : 

We collect and restore valuable articles and materials about politics, business, religion, literature, culture, and history previously published on Uyghur websites and were shut down when the crackdown began in 2017.



Our team members are the volunteering Uyghur intellectuals from different countries who are dedicated to being the voice of Uyghur people by writing, translating, editing, publishing, and other technical works.



Our final logo was designed by famous Uyghur calligrapher Ablikim Emet with the best characterization of the letter of Uyghur in old Arabic scripture in purple and blue colors 


We publish our content on our website (www.iuyghur.com) and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.



The works of the Uyghur edition have got recognition by multiple Uyghur organizations, independent Uyghur intellectuals, Uyghur community members, and multiple international organizations; We serve as translators for multiple news media organizations foreign government agencies.

In the Uyghur language edition, We have published many reports, event news, and other contents at the request of multiple International organizations, including the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, Human rights Foundation, Notre Dame Law school, World Uyghur Congress, American Islamic Relations Council, Uyghur American Association,  the bipartisan group of the "Japan Parliamentary Alliance on China Policy (JPAC)" and many others.


We operate with the financial support of the Uyghur public. So far, We have not asked or received any funds from any political organizations or governments.