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Despite the recent removal of a travel ban, Dolkun Isa was denied entry into Turkey

by Admin - Sep 18, 2021 0 Comment

By Uyghurian, Sep18, 2021


On June 8, the Ankara Administrative Court heard a case on whether to lift an entry ban for WUC President Dolkun Isa. On September 1, the same court delivered its judgment lifting the travel ban imposed on Mr. Isa. The decision was also accepted by the Immigration authorities. Despite this, Mr. Isa was returned to Germany. 


“I am deeply disheartened to see that the Turkish authorities are still refusing me entry, despite my ban being lifted by the Ankara Administrative Court. I have once again been unjustly denied entry by the Turkish authorities for something I have never done.”



  Following the event, the World Uyghur Congress issued a press release expressing sorrow.

“The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) regrets that the Turkish authorities refused entry into Turkish soil to WUC President, Dolkun Isa, despite the recent decision from the Ankara Administrative Court lifting the ban. “


  According to the statement by WUC, After fleeing China, Mr. Isa first studied in Turkey from 1994-1996 for his Turkish language course and his master’s degree in political science. In 1996, he was granted political asylum in Germany. In August 2008, he was denied entry at Antalya airport and sent back to Germany, after 23 hours of detention. The same situation occurred again on October 11, 2016. Since then, Mr. Isa has appealed his case, which was rejected by the General Directorate of Migration Management of Turkey. Since 2008, Mr. Isa has been denied entry to Turkey on allegations of threats against national security.